It's Like Montparnasse All Over Again

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"Montparnasse is the center of the world."
--Maurice des Ombiaux

This is for all those who shake the thyrsus and go mad at midnight, for those who should have been born a century ago in Paris. It is refuge.

A place for all of us poet-bohemians to sit, drink absinthe and tell each other how brilliant and fantastic we all are. There will be regular literary feasts, duels, and love affairs. This affair accepts no bystanders; we are here to connect in the dark of this cafe which resides in the backs of our minds and cracks open the dawn with our voices.

Come, if you are dreamers and spinners of lies. We will hold a chair and a cold glass for you.

We are beyond the days of the beautiful ones in Paris, but we can fashion a web between those happy few of us for whom this exercise in journal-writing is more than a place to note what one had for breakfast. Pull up a chair, pour out a drink, and we will write until our veins run with ink. I do not wish this to be a passive project which simply sits in silence. I hope that we will all write together, and critique, and in general pat ourselves on the back for being much more brilliant than anyone else on this side of the Seine.

Now for some loose bits of Etiquette:

1. Weekly, or therabouts, a prompt will be posted on the site. All members should write a piece roughly along the lines of this prompt and post it. For evey piece you post you must review at least one other member's piece, and post the review. If you wish to suggest a prompt, email me. At any time you may post pieces of poetry or prose which are totally unrelated to the prompt. If you have something longer to share, put it under an LJ-cut. If you have something very long, such as a novel, ask for readers in a post rather than putting your opus up on the site entire.

2. This is a circle for passionate writers. Accordingly, we are only interested in teaching the secret handshake to serious folks. This is an active place in which you may work, submit, review, edit, and challenge others. What you may not do is remain passive. Those who do not participate on a regular basis will be politely banished. Email the Maitre'd at snowwhiteunbound@yahoo.com if you would like to join.

3.While we consider brutal samurai-editing to be useful, there will be no unnecessary roughness on the field. If you are purposefully and needlessly cruel, or post outrageously foul material, you will be impolitely banished and your honor impugned. All material you have submitted will be stricken from the site.

4.All copyright laws must be respected. Beyond this, there are no laws. Post your pieces under friends-lock to protect your first rights.

Beyond that, all things are encouraged in this, the best of all possible worlds. Welcome, all you who are lost and full of light.